Orion’s Belt

I stepped out of his house, took four paces and halted at the sight of the sky before me. Orion’s belt seemed to float an arm’s length from my person; it struck me with an awe and clarity I had just begun to claim again. The stars are not so clear on the north side of town. I breathed deeply the crisp fall nighttime air, and began to move slowly towards my car, keeping a steady gaze in the direction of the constellation that had struck me so strongly. It is moments like these, these clear, delicious moments that jerk me back to the present in the kindest way one can be jerked to, moments of this nature that I desire to relish for as long as I most possibly can. These moments keep me alive. These moments keep me sane. I thank you, sky, for your beauty, I thank you, ocean, for your awe, and I thank you, trees, for your honesty. Perhaps it is in these moments where I am reminded that I am a force of nature, an energy intertwined into the hubbub of the Universe, into the complex simplicity that is Life. My Now Moments are few and far between, yes; but they are always accompanied by a reminder from our gentle Mother Earth; “You are not alone, my child,” she breathes to my soul, “You belong.”