Legendary lovers

I think we all know who is right for us, who is absolutely wrong but sometimes we are so lonely that

“This’ll have to do”

Maybe for now, maybe (God forbid) forever

You have your chance waiting for you, I swear

I know that it’s hard to believe what with the 100% accuracy of it not happening ever as you predicted

But have you heard what they say about life and death

According to the odds you will never die

As you have not died thus far

But we all know the truth.

Death and Life are lovers

Never to be separated as one cannot be without the other

I mean to think of Life as eternal, never ceasing ever creasing the shadows imagine

How crowded the world would become..

But I digress,

My point is that you have your lover, your Life to your Death waiting out there,

Serendipity will lead the way

So trust, child

Trust in the way that life is naturally nature and will naturally nurture

It has been here long before we

So trust, child

You don’t need to see everything.

Love is simple

So simply, let it be.