Savor the expression that life allows

It’s the simple things in life that will get you by

It’s the sweet things in life that will get you by…
Slices of cheese from the Frigidaire

Or groovin’ to your song of the month

Putting that crazy color in your hair

Finding the One with whom there is no fear

Of emotion, you’re free to let them free..

The freedom to express is

The deliciousness

Of living.
There was a time when life was a chore

Each person imagined to be a terrible bore

The ‘fear of being’ gripped lost souls

Strapped to the rooms, all seemed doomed to be just so..

Then the persistent breeze blew through,

It broke the window into two and when

It filled my lungs and I did not resist,

I was waiting for the cure

Though I did not admit

My weakness from the pain inside, it

Was so much easier to hide..

But now the sun shines through and the thing that’s changed the most is my view of

The Universe, so vast and expanding

Always moving towards a state of chaos, I’ve found my secret is to ride along

While picking up others who know they belong.

Life isn’t a question, it simply will be

Life in itself is our prophecy

The specific will come and we’ll know only after

The price of knowing is knowing there is no return to the ways of Before.

Try and you’ll find yourself bound again to your room

Doomed to the view

Of what could-have-been.