Follow your emotion into the dark

They say the problems you have with others, situations, are within yourself and it’s true. 

Sometimes the stop you feel within yourself, the catch of your breath and the tightening of your throat is some trigger from pains past, pains meant to be left there and not brought with you to the here and now. Sometimes, the hold of your breath and the freeze of your movements that suffocate your mindfulness is a thing within you that you must face but have not given yourself the time of day to do so. And sometimes, sometimes the warning pang that resonates deep within you from wall to wall is a thing that you hold close to your heart, it is a way of being, a way of life, undeniable as you are undeniably human. And sometimes.. Sometimes, these things are jumbled up within you so it is hard to discern what exactly is the source of this feeling, this feeling of discomfort and mistrust, this feeling that echoes within your being, your very self that is trying to heed the warning. Warning: you must face this. Warning: it will hurt. Warning: you will grow. Warning: there will be change. You hear ‘change’ and the fear it brings rings and echoes against the walls of your cave, it is time to cave to the fear but do not let it consume you. Use it to your advantage, let it fuel you forward into the inevitable. You can stay put and stay stuck, safe and familiar in the familiarity of the Same. Or, you can move forward in fear, in determination to evolve and continue to evolve into the human you are truly meant to become. The fear is thrilling. The thrill can resonate within your bones or it can keep you cowering in the dark. It is up to you to direct what comes up within you. Whether that is fear, joy, uneasiness… Direct that emotion and follow it through the dark. I can say with uncertain certainty that what awaits you is better than held breath and suffocating anticipation. It’s time now to find out.