Consent, a poem


If you do not listen to her,

If you do not listen to her eyes,

If you do not listen to her body,

If you do not listen to her aura, her energy, her spirit,

You do not have even the opportunity for consent.

You must read her,

You must approach her like you would

Approach a book,

Careful and slow,

You read the prologue and you read the summary,

You peek into before you misread,

Only by the colors and not the words,

You are a coward

If you do not ask for her word.

How though?

One gentleman may ask.

Give a pause, a break,

Allow her the chance.

A silent nod,

Or a sigh,

Whispered love-words,

Her eyes are shining,

Directed at you

I want it,

I want you..

ooh ooh

The candle’s been lit by, yes, your flame

And then,

But only then!

May you give.