the spring transition

the spring transition

Body suit

Monsoon pink socks

Lime Crime lipstick


summer forecast; trend alert

summer forecast; trend alert

MadeWorn vintage tee

Gucci pink skirt

Pull&Bear blue jeans
$43 –

Jelly sandals

Sarah s Bag beaded purse
$645 –

C D visionary

Road Trip Iron On Patch
$5.84 –

How to Navigate Tinder

Dear fellow lonely hearts,

Here is a compiled tactic to approaching tinder,

provided by a girl finding her feminism and her dreams:

1. Have literally 0 expectations

2. Swipe from a distance. (As in, do NOT put your heart into it)

3. When you start going too fast —- it’s okay to slow down or just close the app completely.

4. DO put your heart into your bio. Wanna give tinder a fair shot? Give yourself one, first. (Think of the way you work. Are you simple? Need a little extra? Adventurous? Express it and be concise.)

5. EMOJIES (lol this could just be me –***not a professional***–but, they really can convey so much when used in the right context. USE THEM HONESTLY.)

6. Be available for the minimum: conversation.

7. Turn down and shut down that crude ishh! Don’t be afraid to say holdup and boy bye ✌🏼

8. trust. yo, this one is hard.

9. relax. breathe. these two go together. 🌈

10. Do you. Do your life. And never stop. 💃🏽
Ur friend,