Travel to meditate 

Today I climbed a rock wall

It was a small man made rock placed in a playground park
With lil knobs and strategically placed crevices

It took me 2 tries
And the first time I got close, but I was afraid to move, to fall, how would I get down? So I lowered myself back to the safe ground

I walked around
the carved trees in the park were eerie and felt sacred
I had a moment to myself and meditated in the wooded mountainous Vista that is gunnison, Colorado
I remembered there, suddenly, in that park 10 minutes earlier I had been playing with a little girl

My friends were on top of the rock
and I think I really wanted to be up there
And was embarrassed about failing

I sat on a carved tree that had a carved bench attached– perhaps it had been a very wide tree

And I sat up straight
And I took in snow and air
I breathed it in at once and the flurries had kissed my skin
I felt alive.

Brighter, lighter, a little sadder
Softer and that’s the most important–

So when I walked back toward the rock with my friends perched atop

I responded to the encouraging , “you should try it again”

With a head down ok but also with a “yeah okay”
So I went back to the base
I lifted myself up with my arms and legs
and I maneuvered over the top edge

I surprised myself and I made it

A small feat, sure

But mine nonetheless.




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