yuletide glamour

yuletide glamour

Alice Olivia shift dress
$295 – shopbop.com

Diane Von Furstenberg blue jacket
$1,835 – mytheresa.com

Office pointed toe bootie
$61 – asos.com

Red jewellery

Gucci leather hat
$960 – gucci.com

Clear eyeglass

Kitsch barrette hair clip
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Things eye see coming around #forecast

Things eye see coming around #forecast

Be Your Own Catalyst… for Good

Fantasy re-writes consume me when I’m not busy distracting myself…


And I can’t help but feel like I’m just not as bold or as daring or as brave as I would like to be. Think about this, if your brain is consumed in daydreams and fantasies centered around how things “could have gone,” doesn’t that speak to wishful thinking, to the aching of doing without worrying about how you will be percieved? I feel so often that I conform to social constructs, to the “expectations” and “standards” of being “the kind of girl” a man wants. The “kind of girl”…. but the thing is, who gives a damn? More than any label anyone tries to slap on my forehead, I am a human being. I am a human being who can vote, who can wear pants, who can get a job, who can decide where I go, when I go, at what speed, and with what attitude I take on as I go. I am an individual! So, why am I so controlled by the idea of how I am “supposed” to behave? Coy, shy, withdrawn… waiting for a man to come and sweep me up or at least to make the first move. Well, what if I like what I see? Why can’t I pursue thee? Oh and if I don’t, I won’t hear the end of it! I’ll sit at my desk, I’ll try to read a self-help book, I’ll try to focus on something productive and beneficial to my well being… but without a doubt, my focus will be drawn and magnetized into the deep swirl of dim, futile, “could-have-been” fantasy. In my pursuit of positive growth in my mental health, I indulge, I soak myself in the pools of the most sneaky kind of self mutilation. Play out a scene where you said that thing you wanted, where you didn’t care that your friend wants to have sex with the guy you like, where you recognize that you are a wholesome person interested in who he is as a wholesome person and MORE than just a sexual object because wake up, sexism and sexual objectification go BOTH WAYS. Not one gender is excused from such behavior and perception! Realize this and you’ll be able to recognize it and you’ll get better at recognizing it and pursuing people from a wholesome standpoint… pursuing people while standing up for others and yourself!

I believe in ebb and flow. We are an ocean of beings and maybe we are contolled by the planets above and maybe we are not… regardlesss, we mirror what goes on around us and somewhere, sometime, we have to take on the responsibility to become the mirrored. So what if a girl is one to start it? What if the boy responds to it? And then after she and he give and take and dance around each other and they laugh about their story once it all has unfolded after a little while longer…

Fall Forecasting, 2017

Fall Forecasting, 2017

Marc Jacobs sequined shirt
$580 – net-a-porter.com

Miss Selfridge blue jeans

Transparent socks

Dollydagger heart jewelry
$10 – dollydagger.co.uk

Clear lens glasses
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Barrette hair clip
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Converse mens shoes

K. Bye

K. Bye

Travel to meditate 

Today I climbed a rock wall

It was a small man made rock placed in a playground park
With lil knobs and strategically placed crevices

It took me 2 tries
And the first time I got close, but I was afraid to move, to fall, how would I get down? So I lowered myself back to the safe ground

I walked around
the carved trees in the park were eerie and felt sacred
I had a moment to myself and meditated in the wooded mountainous Vista that is gunnison, Colorado
I remembered there, suddenly, in that park 10 minutes earlier I had been playing with a little girl

My friends were on top of the rock
and I think I really wanted to be up there
And was embarrassed about failing

I sat on a carved tree that had a carved bench attached– perhaps it had been a very wide tree

And I sat up straight
And I took in snow and air
I breathed it in at once and the flurries had kissed my skin
I felt alive.

Brighter, lighter, a little sadder
Softer and that’s the most important–

So when I walked back toward the rock with my friends perched atop

I responded to the encouraging , “you should try it again”

With a head down ok but also with a “yeah okay”
So I went back to the base
I lifted myself up with my arms and legs
and I maneuvered over the top edge

I surprised myself and I made it

A small feat, sure

But mine nonetheless.