summer forecast; trend alert

summer forecast; trend alert

MadeWorn vintage tee

Gucci pink skirt

Pull&Bear blue jeans
$43 –

Jelly sandals

Sarah s Bag beaded purse
$645 –

C D visionary

Road Trip Iron On Patch
$5.84 –


retro cat

retro cat

Floral two piece
$13 –

River Island white high heel shoes
$57 –

Enamel ring
$57 –

Dollydagger heart shaped earrings
$10 –

Lip makeup

How to Navigate Tinder

Dear fellow lonely hearts,

Here is a compiled tactic to approaching tinder,

provided by a girl finding her feminism and her dreams:

1. Have literally 0 expectations

2. Swipe from a distance. (As in, do NOT put your heart into it)

3. When you start going too fast —- it’s okay to slow down or just close the app completely.

4. DO put your heart into your bio. Wanna give tinder a fair shot? Give yourself one, first. (Think of the way you work. Are you simple? Need a little extra? Adventurous? Express it and be concise.)

5. EMOJIES (lol this could just be me –***not a professional***–but, they really can convey so much when used in the right context. USE THEM HONESTLY.)

6. Be available for the minimum: conversation.

7. Turn down and shut down that crude ishh! Don’t be afraid to say holdup and boy bye ✌🏼

8. trust. yo, this one is hard.

9. relax. breathe. these two go together. 🌈

10. Do you. Do your life. And never stop. 💃🏽
Ur friend,



I’m having trouble getting out of the house today  

I’ve read somewhere that blue in your room helps soothe you and give you a proper resting place in your home.

I put my desk outside my door so that way I can have a separate working space.

Perhaps it is too close because my work still haunts me.

Or maybe my lack of action to actually do the work is haunting me.

I’m sitting now in the corner of the protrusion of the closet wall. I lean against my pillow and my light blue sheets are spotted with darker blue butterflies with wings open and closed.

Have you ever noticed that a butterfly flaps their wings and their resting point, when their wings close, it is not in front of the body?

The butterfly does not shade it’s face in a state of hesitation

But opens it’s wings to the space around it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been walking around in a cloud of hesitation for a good part of my life. 24 has been a year of change.

Butterflies symbolize new life 

A new life, a new way of staying high in the sky 

Maybe high enough to continue beating post-traumatic depression.

Here’s to a new day, even at 3:16 pm.


Josie: girl infinite

Josie: girl infinite

Short skirt

Adidas Originals sneaker

Blue shoes

Bootie boots
$39 –

Hologram shoes

Chloé oversized sunglasses
$365 –

Jeffree Star lipstick

Jeffree Star lipstick

Lime Crime lipstick